Canada’s #1 Shipping Expert Reveals How To Use his “Exponential Virtual Volume” Disrupting System And Instantly Cut Your Shipping Cost by up to 79%
Dear Business Owner,
Attention business owners shipping less than 15 000 packages per year...

Discover How to Profit From This Simple Revolutionary System For 1$ per Package And Start Saving Today Regardless Of Your Niche

Shipping expenses in Canada are insane and unfair…

When the world went online in 2020, small to large-sized businesses had no other choice…


The global condition changed the whole shipping system in Canada…

But one thing stayed the same, even when the numbers of packages sent hit an all-time record…

Shipping rates for startups and small businesses were still costly.

In recent months, my team and I interviewed over 1000 business owners...

And 95% of them were ready to use what I’m about to share with you.


Because they want to survive and grow...

But the problem is that it’s just a matter of size and volume!


I’m not going to lie…

Our goal is to make The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club the biggest virtual company in Canada.

We will take your dollar and invest it in social media ads, podcast shows, marketing, blog articles and much, much more…

EVERYTHING that can inspire more businesses to join the club and help you to grow.

In fact, we are paying for you to reduce and negotiate your shipping rates.

This is why I explain the concept of “Exponential Virtual Volume” on this page.

If you’re looking for growth, we’re on the same page..

I know that becoming a member of The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club will be a shipping-market MUST in the next few months.

Any businesses that truly have a long-term vision will follow because.

Everyone wants to save money and grow their business INSTANTLY.

Every day, we have more and more businesses lining up to join us. It’s obvious that people are scared to miss this unbelievable opportunity.

This $1 idea is turning into a market revolution where everyone’s on the same team!

From the desk of Matt Lessard
CEO of Buster Fetcher
Québec, Canada

But what I’m about to share with you in the next few minutes will immediate help you…

It’s the BEST way to grow your business without dealing with the stress of managing shipping costs every day.

Imagine if you could only focus on customer service, marketing, creating new products and putting your products in people's hands to change their lives…

Rather than:

Worrying about negotiating with your carrier...

Finding a new carrier…

Constantly asking yourself if you have the best rate for your shipping volume…

And dealing with useless tasks that slow your growth.

I know you won’t believe what I'm about to share but I guarantee that you’ll make a huge profit with this system…

Exponential profits!

The secret is that you’ll stop fighting solo against the shipping system and start working as a team to save time.

I found a solution to collaborate together to have the best available shipping rates on the market.

It’s completely NEW and it doesn’t exist anywhere in the world!

Well, at least not in the way I’ve set it up.

Who would be stupid enough to charge a ridiculously low flat fee for a revolutionary system?

Only Buster Fetcher! (It was my decision)

And I believe it will disrupt Canada’s shipping system.

For some businesses, it will be mind-blowing savings for heavy packages.

And for others, it will cut their small packages rate by 50%!

And the only thing that makes these instant savings possible is the “Exponential Virtual Volume” system

Not only will it help you right now but also in the future…

Every time a company decides to use the “Exponential Virtual Volume” system…

You’ll save money.

This concept might be new to you but if you keep reading, I’ll detail how it works and how you can reduce your shipping costs instantly with it…

While moving your money from the expense column to the profit column!

Hi, my name is Matt Lessard

I’m the founder of Buster Fetcher and I’ve been doing business online since 2001.

I’ve grown an eCommerce brand from 0 to 7 figures with my wife…

And helped many others to reach that 7 figures milestone.

Trust me: I know how shipping costs work.

I made my mistakes and I learned from them.

I want to help you fast-track your growth and save months (years) of hard work by sharing my experience.

But before going deeper into how “Exponential Virtual Volume” will help you reduce your shipping cost...

Let me tell you what Buster Fetcher is all about

I started Buster Fetcher in 2017 after I discovered that some of my delivered packages were too late for my clients.

I found that the carriers were all using a “late delivery” guarantee on packages. That means if the package you send arrives late… you’d then be entitled to a refund from your carrier.

If you combine every carrier, that totals up to 20% of all packages!

That’s a lot of money left on the table for businesses…

But to do this, you need to fill a request with a long procedure to get your money back.

Long story short, I put together a process to automate this “late delivery” request to carriers.

We went from 0 to 1150 businesses using the
Buster Fetcher system in 4 years…

Life was great and my clients were happy.

The system was free for them.

Almost nobody knows about this “late delivery” guarantee.

In a nutshell, the structure went like this:
You Create an account. We then check if you can get a late delivery refund and once you get your money back, we take 40% of that refund.

Every business owner was happy to give us 40% of this unexpected money… a profit they wouldn't have if Buster Fetcher didn’t exist.

I love to create win-win situations and this is our founding principle at Buster Fetcher.

But I think you are missing the most important part!

The shipping system isn’t the same for all businesses!

You’re still alone in your corner trying to play the system and find THE glitch that’ll help you to grow your business properly…

The truth is that if every business optimizes all their stuff, like you…

You get caught in the same never-ending cycle.

Businesses with high shipping volume will always pay less than you!

But what happened next was unexpected!

The pandemic arrived and wiped out all our business.

All carriers suspended their “late delivery” guarantee.

Most of my clients lost thousands of dollars (and some a lot more) in refunds and Buster Fetcher was almost at 0$/month in revenue…

I know, it’s crazy!

But after Buster Fetcher hit the wall…

I needed to find something else.

I decided to look at the private data from our 1150 clients, asking myself:

“How can I help them solve their shipping problems?”

And this genius $1 flat fee idea popped up!

A completely new idea that can change the whole shipping industry helping…

  • Small-sized businesses
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • And Large businesses

And the best part... it was a Win-Win for every partner in the process!

But to make sure you understand, I need to explain why businesses struggle with shipping costs...

I’ll get straight to the point…

They’re too focused on matters related to their own business and see others as competitors!

So, they all make decisions from that standpoint.

Working on optimizing their stuff...

  • Website price point
  • Package size and weight
  • Moving from carrier to carrier
  • Using shipping resellers to secure the best rate on the market
  • Spending hours to know precisely their shipping rates zone by zone
  • And much more…

Don’t get me wrong, these are good ways to reduce your shipping costs.

That’s why the best way to cut shipping expenses is to use “Exponential Virtual Volume”

Instead of playing alone in your corner…

You need to work as a team to play the system.

If all businesses were to work together against the shipping systems…

They will win in every aspect of the game and the shipping system will be fair once for all...

And we are going to create “Exponential Virtual Volume” together.

Every business will grow at the same time just by joining the team and securing the best rate for the entire team.

If you think this already exists in Canada…

You’re wrong!

Because the secret here is the $1! Not 1%...

Shipping resellers are billing you on a percentage basis and this makes it non-scalable.

They don’t want you to get the best shipping rates...

Because if they offer this to you...

They lose money!

Simple math…
10% of $10 = $1
10% of $7 = $0.70

Why would they offer you the cheapest shipping rate? (They lose $0.30 in the process).

But if you charge $1/package to be part of the team, this creates “Exponential Virtual Volume.”

This is brilliant because now the person in charge of the team wants to scale and grow with you.

So, now you have... 

  • The carrier who now has more businesses to serve…
  • The team leader who wants to get more businesses on board for $1 per package…
  • And, and you have all companies that want to have the cheapest shipping rates on the market using “Exponential Virtual Volume.”
The idea was great but without a trusted carrier...
It wasn’t going to happen.

My goal was clear. I wanted to partner with ONE carrier.

ONE simple option with transparent pricing and to work toward a long-term relationship vision.

The first carrier that came to mind was Purolator.


The answer is simple…

Today I’m thrilled to invite you to join:

This is your chance to secure some of the best rates on the market, even if you're just starting out, or if you send a few packages per month.

To give you an idea of the savings…

The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club
Buster Fetcher called hundreds of businesses on their client list and 95% of them were interested in joining.

OK, let’s be conservative here…

If 100 businesses, shipping 1000 packages a year (it’s way more) join The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club…

That’s over 100 000 packages per year already and the Shipping Club just started in May 2021.

We compared The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club rate on day 1 with some of the best shipping resellers on the market...

And some of our rates were $3 below the rates they’re offering...

This is just the beginning!

As we grow in size, The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club will negotiate with Purolator on your behalf the moment we see an opportunity for better rates.

You can use other businesses as leverage for your own business.

But there is a catch!

You need to join the Buster Fetcher Shipping Club from this page ONLY.

This is an exclusive offer. You won’t be able to call or create your Purolator account on your own and later join The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club once you’ve created your account.

If you don’t create your Purolator account right here, right now...

Then you won’t be able to secure the best rates on the market.

This is your only chance … no exceptions!

*** If you already have a Purolator account before reading this page, please call (1-844-311-3088) to see if we can get you in. Please understand that you’re required to meet strict conditions. However, we might be able to assist you.***

Join The Butcher Fetcher Shipping Club
1. When you click the button below, it will redirect you to a form page.

The form is to create your Purolator account. We’ll take care of everything for you, so please make sure to use the right information. Take note that we’ll also use this form to create your Buster Fetcher Account so you can have access to more data and statistics.

2. Answer every question on the form.

To open a Purolator account with The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club you need to have a valid credit card. This is a mandatory step and it simplifies the process for everyone. You’ll only be billed after your first month in the shipping club.

3. Enter your credit card information
4. Sit back and wait for up to 7 days

During this period, our team will set up everything for you. Create and activate your Purolator/Buster Fetcher Accounts.

5. You’ll receive a confirmation and enjoy the cheapest shipping rates on the market

Within 7 days, you will receive a confirmation email to start shipping with the lowest shipping rates available for the Buster Fetcher Shipping Club members. You can now start saving, all day, every day.

Here’s how to join the shipping club:

Important: When you join The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club, you agree to pay $1 for each package that you send. This is the only way to profit from the best rates on the market and use the “Exponential Virtual Volume” system.

The Billing Process

Shipping Club membership is free if you open a Purolator account on this page.

You will only pay $1 per package sent after joining.

By creating your account here on this page, you can access the Buster Fetcher Shipping Club rates.

BUT you deal directly with Purolator as a regular carrier.

You’ll need to get in touch with their customer service if you have shipping questions or any other questions.

The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club is only there to make you save in this process.

AND we are here to grow the shipping club for you.

Every month, Purolator will bill you according to the size of your packages.

Once we have the number of packages sent, you will receive a bill from us as well.

So if you sent 137 packages… you’ll receive a $137 bill. (It’s that Simple!)

You might be thinking... “BUT if you want something simple, why am I billed twice?”

Good question!

It’s always a matter of risk!

In terms of administration, the next step is fairly simple when someone doesn’t pay their bills...

For us, if you don’t pay The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club…

We’ll tell Purolator that you didn’t pay and they will put you back on your standard shipping rate for your shipping volume.

You’ll spend more on shipping… which would be stupid.

I’m convinced you’ll be more than happy to pay us when you see how much money you’ll save. (In fact, i’m not even worried)

Join The Butcher Fetcher Shipping Club
How we’ll multiply your savings and invest your $1
Join The Butcher Fetcher Shipping Club
Buster Fetcher Shipping Club -  200% Guarantee

I have a specific guarantee for the shipping club.

I 100% guarantee you’ll have more time to manage your business without thinking about your shipping.

Think about the time you spend dealing with your representative, comparing your shipping volume and negotiating your rate.

You have so many other things to do! Let our negotiation expert deal with this time-consuming and complex task.

I 100% guarantee that the Buster Fetcher Shipping Club will grow month after month.

It will instantly impact your business bottom line.

Think about it…

What’s better?

One business shipping 1000 packages per year OR 1000 businesses shipping 1000 packages per year?

I bet your business will be a lot more profitable while virtually sending 1 million packages a year (correct me if wrong...)

There are no fees to create an account today. (100% free)

So the best thing to do is fill out the form by clicking the link below and start saving now.
Join The Butcher Fetcher Shipping Club

Either you decide to continue playing alone against a shipping system you cannot beat or really profit from.

You only have 2 choices now
Join The Butcher Fetcher Shipping Club

When you join the Buster Fetcher Shipping Club, you will have access to our late delivery system.

This means that if Purolator fails to deliver one of your packages on time…

Butcher Fetcher’s smart shipping technology will see it and we'll refund you without you having to lift a finger.

Once the money is in your account, you’ll have to share 40% of that unexpected money with us.

Our smart shipping technology is proven to work and never miss a late delivery.

You will be surprised by how often unexpected money lands back in your bank account.

Join The Butcher Fetcher Shipping Club
Secure your rates and grow with us NOW

I can go on and on with this presentation but there is nothing more to say.

It’s time for you to save money and cut your shipping cost by a crazy percentage.

STOP looking for the best shipping rate on the market…

They’re here, and if you understand the power of the “Exponential Virtual Volume” system…

You understand that every time a business joins us, your shipping rates will potentially decrease.

So, the best decision you can make would be to join us and start shipping now, all while potentially reducing your shipping costs by up to 79%...


Matt Lessard
CEO of Buster Fetcher

Join The Butcher Fetcher Shipping Club

How much does it cost to create an account?
We’ll create a Buster Fetcher account and a Purolator account for you, free of charge. You only start to pay $1 per package once you start shipping with Purolator.

Can I create a Purolator account on my own?
No! It would be a big mistake! If you want to take advantage of the Buster Fetcher shipping club rates, you need to create your account by clicking the link on this page ONLY. If you open an account on your own, it will be impossible to get the Buster Fetcher Shipping rates.

Why charge only $1?
Buster Fetcher likes to create win-win situations. We want our customers to be happy to pay us every month. We wanted to create a simple and easy system for businesses.

We know that charging a percentage would have been like the government setting taxes on gas. There is no point in lowering the gas price when you get a percentage on the price.

Taking a percentage would have killed the whole system of the Shipping Club. That’s what makes it so unique and innovative.

What is the “Exponential Virtual Volume” system?
It’s a way of explaining that by joining the Buster Fetcher Shipping Club, you will be using the shipping volume of other companies as leverage. Every company has a different shipping volume.

How long will it take to have access to the shipping club rates?
7 days maximum. We are working to make the process shorter but there is some technology and technical stuff involved. We will let you know by email when your accounts are ready to ship!

*** If you already have a Purolator account before reading this page, please call (1-844-311-3088) to see if we can get you in. Please understand that you’re required to meet strict conditions. However, we might be able to assist you.***

My wife and I will transfer our 7-figures brand to this shipping club.

This means that if you’re shipping fewer than 15000 packages a year…

Joining the club will be an instant win for you!

I can’t give you the exact shipping rate publicly because of the contract Buster Fetcher Shipping Club has with Purolator but here’s a secret...

And If you’re not Amazon…

You need to find ways to cut your shipping expenses daily.

The truth is that if you aren’t looking for hacks to reduce your shipping cost today…

You are doing something wrong.

That’s why most startups and small businesses are always on the edge of losing money at the beginning.

But not only them…

All businesses are!

You join The Buster Fetcher Shipping Club NOW and start to multiply your savings and instantly increase your profit. Your business will start to grow faster and we’ll create an environment where every member of the Shipping Club is a winner.

Attention business owners shipping less than 15 000 packages per year...

When the pandemic hit, they were the last ones to remove the “late delivery” guarantee on packages.

They did it 2 months after every other carrier did, even if their late shipments skyrocketed to 6X.

And for me, this shows how much they care about their customers and their services.

They were also the first ones who restored it in April 2021.

I’ve watched the shipping situation closely during the pandemic and Purolator was a lot faster than other carriers...

And feedback from those out on the field was excellent.

The choice was easy with all the stats and private information I had...

I booked a call with Purolator and they agreed to partner with Buster Fetcher on this revolutionary project.

Purolator is the exclusive carrier for the Buster Fetcher Shipping Club.

Join The Butcher Fetcher Shipping Club
1 844 841-6510
1 844 841-6510

Why did you choose Purolator as the only carrier?
Buster Fetcher has tons of private statistics and shipping data from carriers in Canada. We decided to secure Purolator for their excellent customer’s services. They have proven to us during the pandemic that they care for their clients. It’s the most important sign for us to build a long-term partnership.

They also decided to form a partnership with us when our company foundation is built on “late delivery” refunds. This is a testament to their focus on customer service and continuous improvement.